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A better way to healthcare
Powered + Optimized by Artificial Intelligence.
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AMS-AI Healthcare
Inventory Manager

.AI meets
.Inventory Management
.Meets Healthcare​

AMS-AI all the benefits of AI to healthcare – enabling healthcare providers to be in control of their inventory 24/7/365.​

AMS-AI SMART Marketplace for
Healthcare -

.The Future
.Smart Healthcare Marketplace

Healthcare is constantly innovating. New drugs, equipment and other consumables are constantly being added to the Supplychain. AMS Smart marketplace is designed with this fact in mind.

AMS-AI Order Manager AMS-AI Logistics Manager Supply Chain

.Order Management
.Supply Chain

AMS-AI has predicted what you need. AMS-Smart Marketplace has identified and located the source. It is time to order. AMS-Order manager is an AI based full featured – automated service which picks up your order and completes it and what’s more it is.

.AMS-AI Simulator
.AMS-AI Visualizer

.AMS-AI Simulator
.AMS-AI Visualizer

Unsure if AI can help you as a healthcare-provider or as a supplier. No worries..

AMS-AI Simulator and Visualizer will help you create your hospital/Clinic/marketplace in a Virtual world where you can simulate, understand and experience how the AMS-AI platform actually functions. It is as real as it can get.

.Healthcare News Network

.Healthcare News Network

AMS-AI HNN is the first fully AI based news curator. It gets its feeds from global news networks, NIH, CDC and other healthcare authorities around the world – in real time. The AI engine filters, matches, discards using sophisticated algorithms to rate, rank and provide you relevant information. The focal point being disease and other health related happenings around the world. Information that you can trust. Intelligence that you can use to Predict, Prevent, Protect.

Bringing Cutting-Edge Technologies to Healthcare

Be a part of our community of health. We aim for transparency for Indonesian health supply chain. Resulting in more efficient, less cost transaction of health products accross the country.

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